‘‘IT’s all about mood! In the marine world, control of the on-board audio-video systems is a must. By using network products and Dante/AES67 protocols, or, Audio over ethernet, control becomes easy. The IT-network infrastructure, wired and/or wireless, ensures a new way of designing and installing audio and video systems. Nowadays the audio and video products that are being used on-board, in the IT network, have reached the level where they can meet the high IT standards. With the high-quality audio and video products, we can save energy, because of their internal cost-saving architecture, their size, and weight. The proven quality of the nexgentec en Crestron NVX products contributes to a high-quality performance, that ensures delivering the right mood for the end-user.’’

Danny Schouten


’’Our clients expect a flawlessly working system 24/7, as well as the flexibility to make any changes without disrupting a complete infrastructure. With the nexgentec, Dante based, system we have all the right tools to deliver this. From the initial brainstorming to the final commissioning the whole company is highly involved and flexible. Thanks to nexgentec, we have the flexibility and stability to live up to any of our clients’ expectations.’’

Niek Ansems & Wilco Drijver


’’To meet the current flexibility requirements in audio and video distribution, we use the AVOIP network, consisting of the Dante audio solutions from nexgentec and Crestron NVX video distribution, in our new build and refit projects. This simplifies the design of the total AV distribution as well as any future adaptations, expansion, or replacement. And there is no need to replace cabling within the AV infrastructure, which entails extra time and costs. The high quality, reliability and comfort in operation are highly appreciated by the end user. Better monitoring of AV, both locally and remotely, also provides a quick solution for maintenance. Due to the close cooperation with nexgentec, every project is successfully delivered from start to finish!’’

Erwin Roelandschap


‘’Moving to the AV-over-IP solution for our projects, we wanted to have a stable solution which adds Dante audio to our Crestron DM-NVX solution. After consideration of the available products on the market we found the nexgentec solution to be the most flexible way for our current and future projects. With the constant improvements and the ongoing development of new, additional products, it is a futureproof solution.’’

Jacco Troost


‘’All system backbones are based on a network architecture today. Every engineer needs a good understanding of network topologies and that is where we put a lot of effort into training. For entertainment, a lot of boats are now changing their Full-HD video systems and analog audio distributions to fully networked solutions. We usually base our entertainment infrastructures on a Crestron NVX video distribution and a DANTE audio distribution based on the nexgentec SDM (software defined matrix). Instead of having long signal chains, we create Point-to-Point IP based connections that are much faster, reliable and of a higher quality. The owner will instantly recognise the improvement after the refit.’’

Jürgen Schepers, Home & Marine (in On Board Magazine, August 2021)